Luther B. Turner #732

The Turnerettes

I am excited to say that we have three new Turnerettes on board and possibly a couple more, with a big THANKS going out to Ms. Pat Dews.

We have expanded our bylaws so check with a Turnerette to see if someone you know might like to join us, if the bylaws will allow it.

We are now on break for the summer and with our return in September the jitney meal will be strictly potluck, so bring your favorite dish(s) to share with everyone when we return.

I would like to give a shout out to our Turnerette, Ms. Janet May; she was elected as the Supreme Ambassador for the Daughters of the Nile.  Congratulations!

As always our thoughts and prayers are with our members who are away from us at this time.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.

Fraternally yours,

Sara Ermalovich –

Turnerette President

HM: 740-474-8005    CELL: 740-497-2068

EMAIL: and