Luther B. Turner #732

The Secretary

We have received dues from 61 members as of today’s mail. Please try to return your 2018 dues if you have not already sent them.

I am collecting money for the 14th District’s One Line Ads. The cost is $5 per line. The One Line Ads need to be returned to the 14th District Officers after our Annual Meeting in November. I will have the form with me at our Special Meeting and at the November Stated meeting.

The key for the soda machine has been missing for at least a year. It does appear that someone may be filling the soda machine as we have not had any complaints that it is not working. This week I did have one of the Daughters complain that she tried to get a Mountain Dew from the machine and instead received a Root Beer. If you know where a spare key is or have been filling the soda machine please let me know so we can get together and make sure the machine is filled with the correct product or the choices are changed on the buttons.

Have a Safe Halloween.

Fraternally yours,

Bruce Schreiber