Luther B. Turner #732

The East

Fraternal Greetings;

Let me first apologize for the delay in issuing this newsletter.  We had a number of issues arise and wanted to get you the most updated information available.

On March 25th our Lodge hosted the 14th District’s Grand Master’s class.  80 new Masons and their Craftsmen were in attendance.  Concrete BBQ which is owned by Bros. Dan Miller and Rick Schleppi catered the event.  Everything went according to plan and we were surprised when Bro. Douglas Kaylor, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Ohio arrived for the MM degree.  He had started the day in Dayton, traveled to Cincinnati, and then came to our Lodge.  We were honored to have him and his visit made the day special for all who were present.  Thank you to all who helped make the day very successful.

We have just a few inspections left this year.  The information is listed below:

5/2  Sparrow 400  MM  5:30 PM
5/8  Avery 493  EA  7:00 PM

Our annual ladies night which is traditionally held in early May will be rescheduled.  We had difficulty setting up proper arrangements for the evening.

We have a very important vote upcoming at our next Stated Meeting.

At the 207th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Ohio held in October, 2016, the Lodges in attendance voted to modify the policy regarding the use of alcohol.  The legislation was approved by a large margin.

The policy allows for, with the proper permits and insurance, alcoholic beverages to be consumed in designated non-masonic areas of lodge property.  The purpose of the legislation was to provide for the lodges an increased rental revenue stream.

Each lodge was charged with identifying non-masonic areas of their property and if such areas exist, determine if the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed under the guidelines set forth by the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

It is important to understand what this decision does to outline what is, and is not allowed on Lodge property.  What the decision does do is allow for those who rent our hall and who have expressed a desire to do so, paid a premium fee and have taken the necessary preliminary steps, be allowed to have alcohol served at their event.  These events include but not limited to Wedding Receptions, birthday and anniversary parties.  Anyone desiring to have alcohol during a rental will be required to use an approved, licensed caterer.   The renter will also be required to purchase additional liability insurance and pay an increased rental fee and deposit.  All renters are required to sign a waiver holding Luther B. Turner Lodge harmless if any issues arise.  Additionally, failure to comply with our requirements will result in the renter being banned from renting from us in the future.

What the decision does not allow for is casual consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Lodge.  Members will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in any lodge area unless participating in an approved function.  In other words, there will be no alcoholic beverages in the Jitney dinner.

The allowance of alcoholic beverages has long been sought by lodges with great facilities such as our Lodge but like us has had to turn away renters (and income).  As our membership, and our community surrounding us, continues to decline, maintaining a viable operating budget is becoming increasingly difficult.

A survey of our Lodge indicates that the upper level (lodge room, storage spaces and offices) is dedicated as Masonic.  The Fellowship hall with the remainder of the building and outdoor area, was declared non-masonic when it was dedicated in 1971.

After contemplating all of the above information, the following Standing Resolution was read and laid upon the minutes.  It will be voted on during our stated meeting and if approved, sent to the Grand Master for his approval:

Standing Resolution

Luther B. Turner Lodge #732

Entered April 4, 2017

Luther B. Turner Lodge #732 will allow, with the proper permits, insurance and upon paying the appropriate fees and signing a waiver, alcoholic beverages to be consumed in designated non-masonic areas of lodge property.  In addition, casual consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on Lodge property.

Additional conditions are to be taken in accordance with the attached March 9th, 2017, edict of Douglas N. Kaylor, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Ohio.

This standing resolution shall be entered into the minutes of the Stated Meeting of April 4, 2017 and laid over until the next Stated Meeting of March 2 whereupon it will be voted on in accordance to Ohio Masonic Code Section 15.04.

See you at the lodge soon.

Respectively Submitted,

W.M. John Rumer